I can talk for hours about my bro, Aarya. He is cute, adorable, awesome and is always smiling. My Superman Aarya man. A 6 year old, but at times thinks and acts beyond our level of understanding and maturity. His day starts with a smile. He seldom cries for things.  Frankly I haven’t experienced a situation where he acts adamant. He demands for things. If things won’t turn in his favor he knows to get them through his cute requests that constrain us to accept his demands.

His presence spreads a kind of positivity, pleasantness and charm. You can never be bored or be dull while he is around or when you talk about him. My chona. That is what I call him..Chona! He talks about toys, drawings, friends, wars, fights and a lot more about super heroes. He simply loves mirror. He stands in front of the mirror and acts as a superman, a hero, a robot (kinda Rajinikanth!) and many more. Whenever he watches a movie, for the next few hours he acts and imitates his favorite characters. He loves action movies. Especially those based on martial arts, etc.

He loves drawing and can draw for hours. He walks in my room singing, ‘Diiiidiii…whiiiite paaaaaper’. He loves stories with dramatic turns where there is a hero and a villain who gets beaten up by the hero. He has a wide sense of imagination. He analyses any aspect in various dimensions and I feel I need to learn a lot from him. He asks many questions. He is quite curious to know and learn new things. He makes sure he practically uses any new word he learns, the very next moment he finds it relevant or convenient. He manages to fit the new word somewhere in the conversation.

He gets upset if he misses his school. Yes, school. I and my mom are often compelled to lie to him that his school has declared a holiday whenever we plan to go out. He is kind and highly affectionate. He can attract anyone in the first meet itself. His smile is infectious. He possesses great memory and I am often wondered at the way he recalls many things that have happened years back, which neither me nor anyone in my family remember.

Well! There is lot more to tell about him, but I don’t think I can do that in few words. This blog is all about him. About his acts, drawings and everything else he does. I wish and hope that you too will have a great experience.



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  1. Annu Khot says:

    Harsha, you are such a sweet sister. Your baby bro is adorable. I am so touched by this particular blog of yours. Keep it this way!

    1. Harsha says:

      Hey Annu! Thanks indeed for dropping by and for your kind words :) I am glad you liked it!

  2. aame says:

    Ooooooh he is just chhoooooooo chweeeeeeeeeet !!

    1. Harsha says:

      @aame Aww! Thank you so much. :)

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