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  1. Sushma says:

    Harsha dear
    I loved this forest. best in this was the real imagination of the trees well drawn in its spacing and sizing. well done darling. keep it up

    1. Harsha says:

      Hey Sushma! Thank you so much for your kind words. :) But this drawing has been made by Aarya, my little brother. I just manage the blog and post his drawings and other works. :)

  2. sandy says:

    its lovely. how old is he?

    1. Harsha says:

      Thank you, Sandy! :) He is 6 year old.

  3. My Soul's Journey says:

    Soo soo sweet and cute! :) )

  4. Shaan Haider says:

    Its a really a beautiful one. I am also having a cute 3 years old nephew and he got awesome imagination too… You will not understand a single line of his drawing but when he explains it then, its hell lots of stuff. Lol

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    Thanks :)

  5. Bhushan Shirgaonkar says:

    Wow! The drawing is very good.

  6. Deaz says:

    Nice drawing!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you!

  7. Rakesh Narang says:

    After seeing this, I am remembering my Childhood. I used to draw like this only with cool slogans at the bottom.

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